Experiences For Women

An Overnight Pause From Everyday Life

A Very Personal Encounter With Jesus Christ

Soft Warrior is an overnight pause from everyday life to experience the living God. The weekend is designed to be a very personal reflection and discovery. The weekend will help women discover more of who God is. It is an invitation to delight in our identity as a unique daughter of Christ. He calls us to live free of shame and fear in honest relationship with Him and others.

Soft Warrior is an opportunity to experience freedom, learn tools to maintain it, and make connections with other women who are seeking community with other believers. Soft Warrior is more than a retreat, a bible study, or an event. It is a chance to discover the power of the real you because of the Holy Spirit in you.

“I will be more bold and not keep to myself, silent or hidden. I will actively seek God.”

Age 21
Brenham, Texas