Freedom Ministry Training

We are all called to be ministers

Freedom Ministry Training


Two-day, Hands-on Experiential Training

We are all called to be ministers. It is our responsibility as believers in Christ.  It is also one of the greatest joys in life. The problem with most church members is that they don’t know how to practically help their neighbors, friends, family, and fellow church members experience true abundant life in Christ. They can easily recognize the pain and struggle in the lives of others, but they don’t know how to minister the Gospel in a way that leads others to genuine freedom.

We believe that the Bible is a practical how-to guide when it comes to ministry training. We also believe that ALL believers can easily learn these life-changing ministry skills. FMT is a two-day, hands-on experiential training designed to give you the tools that you need to minister to people that you see everyday.

We equip people to

Help Others Break Free

We equip people to help others break free of fear, unforgiveness, shame, and selfishness.  We teach the fine art of asking probing questions to get to the spiritual root issue. We also train believers in how to lead others into a genuine encounter with God.  This is not training to be a counselor, but rather, how to minister God’s truth in such a way that sets others free.

But be warned: if you learn these ministry skills, God will begin to send you people that desperately need what you have to offer.  And these powerful encounters with others will launch you into a new and powerful way to live your life!

Find Freedom Now!

If you are in the East Texas or Dallas/Ft. Worth area and are personally struggling with the torment of unforgiveness, please reach out to us. We have several qualified forgiveness coaches that would love to meet with you in person and help you find freedom.