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Forgiving Forward Training

The Forgiveness Revolution

Free From The Torment Of Unforgiveness

One of the most powerful aspects of the freedom movement is seeing believers being set free from the torment of unforgiveness. The church is in much pain today. A huge part of this agony is self-inflicted. Matthew 18 tells us that we will suffer torment if we choose to withhold forgiveness from those who have sinned against us.

Bruce and Toni Hebel, the founders of Forgiving Forward ministry, have partnered with Freedom Trainings to train the church in how to lead believers into freedom from unforgiveness. We have seen hundreds of lives transformed in East Texas simply by following the Biblical path to forgiving others from the heart.

The essence of the gospel is


Bruce likes to say that, “The blood of Jesus cleanses all sin, including those sinned against you and me.” The forgiveness revolution is not just about getting free from the torment of unforgiveness, but also going out and helping someone else who is trapped in bitterness and resentment.

The Forgiving Forward Training is delivered many times during the year. Anyone can learn Heaven’s Forgiveness Protocols and begin to help others immediately. Let us know if you or your church would like to host a Forgiving Forward training in your area.

Find Freedom Now!

If you are in the East Texas or Dallas/Ft. Worth area and are personally struggling with the torment of unforgiveness, please reach out to us. We have several qualified forgiveness coaches that would love to meet with you in person and help you find freedom.