Church Partners

Partner Churches
It is our goal to bless pastors and serve our local partnership churches with relational, Christ- centered trainings.

I know of no other organization that is doing a better job of discipling people resourcing marriages and partnering with pastors to build the Kingdom.

Recommend Freedom Training Ministry experiences to your church members. More importantly go through them yourself. They will move you to freedom and empower you to lead your church members to follow Jesus.

Travis Wright - Senior Pastor, Wilderness Church

I have seen so many men set free from the weight of isolation. These men are now living an abundant life in Christ. I am one of those men.

Chase Pope - Senior Pastor, Wood County Cowboy Church

Freedom ministry and men’s boot camp have been instrumental in developing men in our church. We have seen men experience freedom in Christ, strong relationships built, and ongoing discipleship take place. This then becomes a part of the culture of our church. I highly recommend men’s boot camp.

Andy Fauss - Senior Pastor, The Vineyard Church
About Freedom Trainings
If you are hungry for church health, or just curious about what we do to serve the church, we would love to spend some time and get to know you. All of our ministry flows through the local church.