A 12-week God Encounter

Experiential Training

Build True Community

Catalyst is a 12-week God encounter designed to help believers take a serious look at how isolation is having a detrimental effect on their soul.  This experiential training takes place in the local church and is an effective way to build true community among church members.  Weekly meetings last from 90 minutes up to two hours in duration over the course of the 12 weeks.

The fruit of this training is always two-fold: (1) participants experience a significant spiritual breakthrough in their life, and (2) develop intimate and powerful relationships with a small band of believers.  While anyone can be a Catalyst trainer, we recommend that churches use one of our staff trainers for the first time that a local church sponsors the Catalyst training.

The training is divided into two parts

Part One

Part I is leading people out of isolation and into intimate community.  The focal passage is Genesis 3, and helps believers recognize how shame, fear, and isolation show up every day in their lives.  Participants are equipped to identify and repent of pride so that they can enjoy a lifestyle of being “naked and unashamed.”

Part Two

Part II of Catalyst involves learning the four relational activities of being in community: sharpening, prayer, affirmation, and repentance.  Much time is spent in small groups, and believers are given many opportunities to practice these important skills.

Catalyst Overview

A 12 Week God Encounter

Catalyst is a 12-week God encounter to help the local church disciple the hearts of men and women and build powerful relationships to impact the local church. It is a relational, experiential model patterned after the way that Jesus made disciples.

Session one explores the predicament of Genesis 3. Participants are given the chance to take an honest look at how fear and hiding is impacting their hearts and relationships.

We go deeper into the isolation issue and help participants identify the specific masks that they wear. We examine the high prices that we pay when we choose to put on a mask.

Our greatest obstacle to encountering intimacy with God and others is Pride. We take an in-depth look at each of the four faces of pride: Looking Good, Feeling Good, Being Right, and Being in Control.

It is only when we embrace our weakness that the strength of Christ shows up. Most believers experience a form of power that is actually powerless. This session leads particpants into the painful act of humbling themselves, and the result is always explosive.

This session goes deeper into II Cor. 12:7-10 and uncovers the reasons why we try to run from our weakness. It reveals why weakness is our best attribute and leads believers into the grand prize of the Christian faith: humility.

This week begins our 4-part series on SPAR: Sharpening, Prayer, Affirmation, and Repentance. Most believers want to be spiritually sharp, but they don’t want to go through the pain of being sharpened by others! We train participants in the fine art of asking probing questions and speaking honestly.

Many believers think that prayer consists mainly of petitioning God for our needs. But there is so much more! We empower participants to listen to God’s voice, surrender all, declare our need, and speak forth with gut-level honesty to Father God.

All believers get hit with the same lie every day of our lives: “You don’t have what it takes.” We need others to look us in the eye and declare the truth about who we are in Christ. Every person craves affirmation, but few will admit it.

Repentance is always the good fruit that occurs when believers come together. Biblical repentance is simply “a change of mind.” This occurs as God helps us to identify the lies that we are believing, and more importantly, shows us His truth that sets us free.

This session gives each small group an opportunity to practice all four SPAR principles: sharpening, prayer, affirmation, and repentance. Each participant has the opportunity to give and receive in this life-giving ministry.

At this point, a strong band of believers has begun and it is time to expand. This session will empower the group to go after more people in the church that are suffering from the pain of isolation.

Bring Renewal To Your Congregation

Catalyst is a great way for churches to launch new small groups as well as strengthen stagnant ones. There are many churches that are using this 12-week journey to bring renewal to their congregation, one relationship at a time. If you are looking for a simple tool to connect people in your church on a deep level, Catalyst is for you!