Aug 17

Priestly Prayer Thoughts

Within the purpose of a man lies his role and within his role, honor. The role of a man is best recognized as he embraces the deepest need of his wife. Jesus compares himself to a shepherd because of the unique qualities and needs of sheep. Sheep depend on the... read more →

The Husband as Protection

Our protection is in our strength - one of our greatest attributes. As we consider 'Protection' within the role of husband what comes to mind? "From what?" There in lies the danger wives face on a daily basis. A man's strength has not diminished over the centuries, a man's purpose... read more →

SPAR Thoughts: A Theology of Failure

Theology is the study of God, therefore your question is, what is God's view of failure? As a Christian failure is that which puts Christians far above non Christians. Failure in it's simplest definition is a lack of success. Failure, for a life in Christ is a very limited point... read more →
Jun 12

Thoughts from a Pink Chair: Authenticity breaks through

Why does my life have to become pretend before authenticity breaks through? I became a Christian, everything is new Feelings connect to this experience Feelings die Everyone else appears to be in the place I was when I first believed I get it, it's not feelings, it's the elements of... read more →
angry fist

SPAR Thoughts: When do I grow up emotionally?

If there was one thing to bring a man into God's word, it's a desire to be emotionally mature. In today's unstable environment, the proper use of emotions create the stability our life and our family long for. When do I grow up emotionally? When I use God's word to... read more →
May 27

Thoughts from a life full of marriage

What brings a marriage to a place of recovery? Agree or disagree: Sin causes a fracture in relationships. Ok, so why are we caught off guard to the extent that we are ready to throw in the towel in the thick of conflict? I find that at times nothing bothers... read more →
May 15

Thoughts from A Pink Chair: Live a Life of Gratitude

Simply - your relationship to the law is in Christ......your relationship to God is in Christ......your identity is in Christ, you live life in Him; Acts 17:28 “In him we live and move and have our being’ Why? Because the means by which you have relationship with God is not... read more →